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By redbutler, Sep 7 2014 10:36AM

Red Butler are delighted to announce that the band has won the BEST NEW ACT IN THE UK through the Blues Matters Magazine Writer's Poll. Accordingly Red Butler have been nominated to appear in the European Blues Challenge 2015 as the UK representative. This will take place in Brussels during March 2015.

We would like to express our gratitude to Alan Pearce and all of the writer's who took part in this process. The band are thrilled at this outcome which is the pinnacle of a sparkling year of achievements that have included the release of the debut album and appearances at major festivals and venues plus high profile supports slots.

Our gratitude extends to all our supporters, many of whom we hope to meet during forthcoming performances.


By redbutler, Aug 28 2014 08:27PM

The review by Blues in the North West represented a slight mis-interpretation of how The Last Pages of the Blues was written. Red Butler acknowledge that the words and the melody were written by Mange Morane and arranged and adapted by Red Butler. The band recognise that the song was written following the tragic and unexpected death of a young Brighton man and that Mange's title was inspired by the subsequent death of Gary Moore. We did not of course write the review but regret any pain or suffering caused to any of the parties involved. Please accept our sincere apologies.

By redbutler, Aug 20 2014 12:14PM

QUITE POSSIBLY THE MOST EXCITING WEEK FOR THE BAND SO FAR !! RADIO 2 AIRPLAY, CLASSIC ROCK BLUES REVIEW, BRITISH BLUES NOMINEES - Initial List (http://www.britishbluesawards.com/the-nominees/4586092401), AYNSLEY LISTER SUPPORT SLOTS and COLNE Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival/ The 100 Club FAST APPROACHING !

Too many things to talk about in detail so here's a quick summary -

- A final call for 100 CLUB TICKETS, £8 or £12 for a minibus from Uckfield - redbmanagement@alexredbutler.com

- Also support slot coming up for Chantel McGregor (Sunday 7th September, Komedia, Brighton - tickets £13 redbmanagement@alexredbutler.com) and the The Big Green Cardigan

- We will be supporting Aynsley Lister , Thursday 25th September Beaverwood Club & Friday 26th September Boom Boom Club (plus Red Lion Wadhurst Saturday, Blues In The City on the Sunday 1.30pm)

- We have had an excellent review in The Blues Magazine (Classic Rock ! See Below)

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